Final Trim Parts


We provide unique batch machining processes that streamline your carbon fiber sub systems needs.

Our historical data shows we can trim parts    4 - 6 times faster than traditional hand trimming with the added benefit of superior tolerancing as low as +/-.001 critical dimensioning.

General Components

We provide precision machining of solid laminate components. Whether your looking for tapered shims; pucks; or lofted hardpoints, we utilize our batch production processes to provide you a low cost alternative.

Machining parts can allow your Engineers to add that desired complexity that traditional processes find difficult to achieve.

Secondary Structure

We have developed machining processes designed to take your untrimmed composite aircraft structure and quickly machine high rates of components. We are capable to machine parts up to 6ft x 20ft.

The ability to machine your internal structures will drastically reduce your vehicle assembly schedule as well as providing determinant assembly features to ease production burden.

Experience the capability of machined secondary structure and see the benefits of faster vehicle deliveries