Tooling Molds


We provide a wide range of foam densities to meet your design objectives. Whether your fabricating low temperature splashes or desire high temperature tooling, we can help achieve your goals.

Carbon Fiber

We have extensive experience in machining carbon fiber tooling to provide our customers with superior CTE design qualities for when precision is key.


We have many low cost alternative solutions to your tooling needs. Fiberglass can drastically reduce tooling costs when paired with the introduction of final part machining in your production line.


We offer machining of various kinds of plastics for tooling fixture components; laboratory fixtures, and production assembly tools.


High temperature tooling that can maintain good CTE qualities are increasing across the industry. We can assist you in your new programs to meet your demanding design needs.


Medium Density Fiberboard can provide a very low material cost that is suited for rapid tool development that will not require elevated temperatures.